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About us

Practical Chinese Martial Arts Academy (PCMA) Hong Kong is a full time Kungfu school in Sheung Wan, We are known as one of the premier associations for building the Body, Mind and Energy though the Arts of Wing Chun, and Taichi.

Sifu Patrick Hsu has studied Chinese Martial Arts intensively. He has combined his 20 years experience and extensive research into the history, philosophy, concepts and principles of Chinese martial arts, with the most up-to-date Western teaching methods.Furthermore, by putting the pieces of the various lineages of Wing Chun found in China and Southeast Asia together, PCMA is the most complete available Wing Chun system to date, yielding results never before thought possible in students worldwide.We offer beginner-friendly and advanced classes in our PCMA School for adults and children; it takes you through these ancient arts in a unique way with our Road to Black Belt and Bridge to Mastery.

What is PCMA system is about?

Welcome to the PCMA Self-Defense System, where ancient Chinese martial arts meet modern training methods to create a comprehensive and effective approach to self-defense and wellness.

Our system is built on two main pillars: self-defense and health and wellness. We understand the importance of keeping Chinese martial arts relevant in today's society. That's why we've carefully blended the unique training methods of ancient martial arts with contemporary techniques, resulting in a self-defense system that is both powerful and adaptable.

With 10 different levels, our system covers a wide range of attacks, from long-range strikes to short-range techniques, and even includes takedowns, ground fighting, and weapon defense. No matter the situation, our system equips you with the knowledge and skills to confidently defend yourself.

But that's not all. We also prioritize your well-being. Chinese martial arts offer numerous benefits for the body, addressing issues such as neck pain, back pain, and postural problems. At the PCMA academy, we've taken it a step further by integrating the wisdom of Western anatomy with the ancient practices of chi gong and tai chi. This unique combination unlocks the power of both worlds, ensuring a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Join us on this exciting journey as we empower you with the tools to protect yourself and enhance your overall well-being. Discover the PCMA Self-Defense System and experience the fusion of tradition and innovation like never before.


Panda Class
We have noticed that our twins, Elizabeth and Dylan, have become more coordinated & self-confident. As it isn’t easy getting the attention of a 4 year olds, these Sihings have blended game and intelligence. This is a remarkable sport & is pure brain food.
Umberto & Heather Anzolin
Adult Class
PCMA Hong Kong felt like a genuine Kung Fu school, perfectly modernized to meet a Kung Fu practitioner of todays world. It had a lot of new really useful Wing Chun moves I hadn’t practiced before. Above all, it had wonderful staff and super-good teachers that really cared for your progress and made it fantastic easy to blend into the group.
Overseas Visitor: Sweden
Andreas Erikkson
Adult Class
Sifu Patrick is not only an excellent wing chun practitioner, he's also a great teacher.  He teaches well and takes the time to explain each concept in detail, if necessary. He always manages to adapt to the different profiles of students and shares his knowledge without restraint. What's more, his mastery of wing chun is astonishingly advanced. Training with him changed my vision of fighting sports and I will always be grateful to him. I can only recommend this school with its warm and welcoming atmosphere!
Investment Banker: France
Pierre Llinas



You think, "How can Kung Fu lead to success and Self-Confidence" in more ways than you can imagine.

PCMA Kung Fu program gives your child, more than any other sport, the chance to explore their innate powers! Your child will marvel (as you will) as he/she increases in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and harmony with our well-known PCMA System. Yet this is only the beginning. In fact, the child's physical skills are the foundation for something much more important: the development of his/her skills; mental and spiritual.In our PCMA Kids program, we have age specific classes. We have Kung Fu Panda 4 – 6 years old, Kung Fu Tiger & Dragon class (Leadership/Black Belt Class) 7 – 9 years old and Kung Fu Junior 10 - 16 years old.
All kids classes at PCMA are given by Enthusiastic and Certified Black Belt Kids Instructors. The children stay motivated thanks to our exiting, challenging and enjoyable PCMA Kids System.Kung Fu is so much more then teaching you to "Kick, Block, and Punch...."







Self-Control, Discipline and Health

Originally, the martial arts were created in order to preserve life through self-defense. Nowadays, people come from a variety of backgrounds, all with their own reasons for wanting to train.

ome want to learn how to defend themselves, some wish to improve fitness, some wish to learn the art while they are in Hong Kong, whilst others just want to have fun and meet new people. Whatever your motivation for taking up a martial art, the PCMA Kung Fu system can fulfil any expectations. Kung Fu is a vehicle for physical, mental, personal, and emotional development.Goals play an important part of our training, whether they are short term goals that differ from class to class or long term goals which may take years to complete, even a dream of becoming an instructor can become a reality with consistent, progressive training and the support of our instructor team.

You think, "How can Kung Fu lead to success and Self-Confidence" in more ways than you can imagine.

We encourage students of all grades to work with each other as well as targeted learning within their ability level, this will allow you to learn from those more experienced than yourselves but to also practice what you have learnt in a structured environment.

There are many benefits of Sifu Sergio’s PCMA System, you will learn all the unique techniques in a friendly environment at our academy. PCMA Students have one thing in common, is that by training they reach their goals and have a unique and positive influence in their life that was not there before.



PCMA Kung Fu students train in groups, however, always with personal attention and guidance.

he skills of the student will be improved and extended. Our PCMA instructors share their knowledge with students in a very relaxed atmosphere. One of the reasons a new student visits a martial art school is to gain a higher feeling of safeness. Consequently, a starting student should be capable to defend him or herself in a more sufficient way, right after the first class. During the first half a year they will be taught how to defend oneself in a legitimate way against an aggressor.So in the beginning the emphasis is not that much on the art, the philosophy and the beauty of the Kung Fu system, but more on the motions, which have been proven to be very effective time after time.

In a later and more advanced stage, when the capability to defend yourself has increased, changes in contact reflexes will be trained. The student will learn how weakness can turn into strength, how softness overcomes hardness, how to gain victory by surrendering and why the person who is more intelligent and smarter can conquer by yielding. Also will be learned how the truth, that is assimilated by the body, could be applied in daily life. This implies that you will go through life in a lively state and full of awareness. It's this brightness that will enable you to communicate with empathy and respect with your fellow human beings. This is the long-term goal. To accomplish this goal, one must conquer different personal and physical obstacles.


  • Wing Chun Helps You Lose Weight.

You can expect major changes in your body with our unique training. You'll burn more calories, build muscle, and in general improve your metabolism.

  • Wing Chun Improves Your Health.

Our Kung Fu program improves your health. You will breathe better, sleep better, and even feel an increase in energy and effectiveness all day long. You may even discover you're more resistant to colds and flu with our training. Plus even when you do become sick, your recovery time will be better than ever.




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